ETx Power Cleaning

After-Oxidized paint and lichen removal

House wash, Soft wash, Mold/mildew removal

Before – soft wash to remove mold and mildew

House wash, Soft wash, mold/mildew removal

After – soft wash of vinyl siding, removed mold and mildew.

Mold-Mildew removal, Environmental stains, Soft wash

Heavy mold and environmental stains

Soft wash, Mold/Mildew/Environmental stain removal

After shot of Mold/Mildew/Environmental stain removal

Concrete cleaning, Oil stain removal

Reastrant grease removal

Pressure washing,Oil stain removal, Grease removal

After shot of fat/oil storage area cleaned, Grease removed

Roof Cleaning

Metal roof being washed

 Roof wash ,Soft wash, Roof Treatment

Roof treated for lichen and mold.

Roof Cleaning,Soft washing, Pressure washing

Before – roof washing

Roof Wash,Soft Wash, Pressure wash

After – roof cleaned

Roof washing, Soft washing, Roof treatment

Roof treated for lichen and mold

Roof wash, Soft wash, Roof treatment

After photo of roof wash

Soft washed,Lichen removal,Mold removel

Before- Steeple Cleaning

Removed Lichen, Mold removal, Soft washing

After- Steeple cleaning

Before Photo- Oxidized paint removal /Lichen

Before Photo- Oxidized paint removal /Lichen